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Friendship Bracelet


Prices Vary Based on Selection

Emerald Everlasting Permanent Jewelry Will Be Your Forever Favorite!

Emerald Everlasting is this studio’s permanent jewelry line. To us, permanent jewelry means using dainty 14k gold filled chains and super cute connectors and charms to help you create your own custom piece. It will wear beautifully every day for as long as you want to wear it! Tara will cut the chain to fit you, add the connector or charm, and weld it to you right on the spot. It is “permanent” because it is not meant to be removed daily like most jewelry. However, we do have clasp options for children, those who need to remove it for sports, and adults who prefer less commitment! You can cut the jump ring with a pair of scissors if you ever need to take it off, and it can be reconnected again!

This is painless, quick, and fun! It’s a great outing with your besties, your mama or papa, your special partner, or simply as a treat for yourself! We hope to see you soon and pair you with your favorite new accessory!

You may reserve your appointment time online and avoid the wait during walk-in days. The booking fee used to hold your appointment time WILL BE applied to your purchase when you're in the studio and is non-refundable. Please arrive early or on time. You may be asked to reschedule or wait if you are more than 5 minutes late. We will also post walk-in days and times on social media. So be sure to like and follow the links below!

Shop our current selection of premade jewelry HERE! Emerald Everlasting currently offers yellow 14k gold filled options only. We will expand selection in the future based on demand, so tell us what you'd like to see! Pricing is subject to change.


Emerald Studio and Lush clients enjoy a 10% discount on total purchase!

Offer An Emerald Everlasting Experience At Your Next Event!

Our Permanent Jewelry Service is not just available in the studio - we will come to you! Do you want your guests to create memories that will last a lifetime? What better way than with a welded jewelry experience customized for them at your next event! Whether you're planning a birthday party, bachelorette weekend, family gathering, or any other special event, Emerald Everlasting will entertain your guests and help them leave with a unique and lasting memento to mark the occasion.

Permanent Jewelry Event Reservations are possible based on scheduling availability and requested location. Call or text Tara at 859-462-7206 for more information about reserving your event date!

Permanent Jewelry Pricing

Ring $20

Bracelet $40

Anklet $45

Short Necklace 12-16” $55

Long Necklace 17-24” $65

Hand Gear (Ring-bracelet) $50

Belly Chain $75

Charm/Connector $5-20 each

Create a stack! $10 off each additional item.

Need less commitment? Add a clasp for $5.

Body Chains

Body Chains are unique, custom-made accessories that are flattering on all body types and will make you feel as good as you look! They are versatile and can be worn over or under many outfits - swimwear, tank tops, shorts, dresses, and lingerie. A body chain appointment is a wonderful gift for yourself, your partner, or a friend, as these are hand-crafted based on an individual's style. Emerald's body chains are created using 14-Karat gold filled chain that does not tarnish and will not turn your skin green. With proper TLC, these pieces can last a lifetime and be worn over and over again. They are not low-quality one-size-fits-all chains that need to be thrown away after you wear them. These are hand-made, durable, and lasting pieces that are tailored specifically for your body shape.

During your body chain appointment, please wear tight fitting clothing that you will be comfortable in such as yoga or exercise gear - like spandex and sports bras. You may also wear the specific outfit, swimsuit, or undergarments that will be paired with the chain if you are looking for an exact fit.

Because the chains are hand-crafted on the spot during your appointment, you may be asked to stand up and sit down frequently. Bring any photo examples of the chain styles you like to the appointment! Pricing is based on the style you create and how much chain/hardware is used, but in general will fall into one of three tiers for body chains, and one of two tiers for garter belts (see descriptions of each pricing tier below). If you desire a piece with more than 2 or 3 waist drapes, chest drapes, or many intricate cross sections, please send a photo before booking so we can discuss your customization!

Tara LOVES creating one of a kind custom pieces for clients, so let your imagination run wild! Call or text with questions prior to booking or to get a quote on a specific style 859-462-7206.

Pricing Tiers

$79.99 - Tier 1 Body Chain - Example: Choker style necklace with single strand belly drape

$109.99 - Tier 2 Body Chain - Example: Choker or Y-style necklace with double strand belly drape and 1 charm/connector

$149.99 - Tier 3 Body Chain - Example: Cross-Chest necklace with single or double strand belly drape and 2 charms/connectors

$109.99 - Tier 1 Garter Belt: Single strand belt with 4 garter fasteners

$129.99 - Tier 2 Garter Belt: Double strand belt with 4 garter fasteners OR single strand belt with 4 connectors and 4 fasteners

Charms/Connectors can be added to any piece for $5-20 EACH

Additional draping/strands can be added to any piece for $10-30 EACH

Care Instructions and Disclaimer

Emerald Everlasting permanent jewelry and body chains are made from 14-Karat Gold Filled chains and hardware. For most people, 14K Gold Filled jewelry is ok for every day wear and should not tarnish or turn your skin green as long as it is properly cared for - simply keeping it clean daily. However, because 14K gold is not 100% pure gold and the alloy contains other metals mixed in, individuals with sensitive skin or exposure to certain substances may rarely experience a green residue. The salts and acids in lotions, perfumes, chlorine, sweat, and certain medications, can cause a chemical reaction with the other metals in the gold. This does not mean the gold is fake, but that the metal alloy has been exposed to something it is reacting to, whether on the skin or in the environment. Usually, cleansing the skin and washing and thoroughly drying the jewelry, and avoiding the substance that caused the reaction, fixes the problem for 14K gold filled pieces so it can continue to be enjoyed. However, a clasp is recommended for clients with known sensitivities so the jewelry can be removed during sleep, times of exercise, medication use, and water exposure to avoid reactions.

You can read more about gold alloy reactions here.

Emerald Studio offers no warranties or guarantees, express or implied. We do strive to provide you with an exceptional experience and want to ensure your satisfaction, so if you ever have an issue with your permanent jewelry or body chain, please do not hesitate to discuss with Tara at 859-462-7206!

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