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Applying false lashes in a salon


$50 Event Lashes

$120 Vacay Lashes

$135 to $155 - Traditional Lash Extensions
$50 Fill-Ins

Traditional Eyelash Extensions - Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Sets

Traditional Eyelash Extensions at Emerald Studio enhance your natural lashes with synthetic ones. We currently offer Classic, Hybrid, and Volume lashes in a variety of styles such as wet lash look, y-lashes, wispy lashes and a variety of volume. Traditional lash extensions can create a very natural look or add texture and drama to your daily look. Whether using classics to enhance the length, diameter, and curl of your natural lash, or going with a volume set to really stand out, you are sure to love this enhancement. You wake up looking classy with no eyemakeup at all and never have to worry about mascara running or smudging again! An adhesive is used to attach the artificial lash to your natural lash. Lash extensions generally last for several weeks, but retention can be affected by many factors such as oil, makeup, humidity, pulling or rubbing, and your natural lash shedding cycle. We recommend coming for fill-in appointments every 2 to 3 weeks to keep them looking fresh and full! Some styles require more frequent maintenance than others (spiky looks!).

Lash extensions should not damage the natural lash when application and aftercare are performed properly. Emerald Studio works diligently to utilize the appropriate size of lash extension to suit your natural lash structure and apply each one individually to avoid unnecessary damage. We provide each client with aftercare instructions to take home with them - simple things such as keeping them clean and avoiding pulling or rubbing them. See the Aftercare section below for a full description.

If you're ready for an easy and beautiful enhancement, Eyelash Extensions are what you need! Schedule your appointment now!

Vacay Lash Extensions - Sets Lasting 7 to 21 Days

Have you ever wanted to try lash extensions but don't know if they'd be right for you? Or do you want the awesome benefits of lash extensions for a week or so while you go on vacation, but don't want the ongoing maintenance of fill in appointments? Then Emerald Studio's Vacay Lashes are perfect for you! They are called Vacay Lashes because they are perfect for lounging on the beach, taking a cruise, living it up during spring break or rush week, going on a business trip, or coasting through back to back holiday parties! Want to jet ski, scuba dive, go on a roller coaster, or wake up at your in-laws on Christmas Morning and not have to worry about your lashes? No problem with Vacay Lashes!


Vacay Lashes are applied just like a traditional lash extension service and will stay attached to your natural lashes until the adhesive bond breaks down or your natural lash sheds. Typical wear time is 7 to 21 days before you begin looking sparse, so they are perfect for keeping your makeup routine hassle free while you're on vacay! You are able to wake up looking beautifully glam and ready without an ounce of effort or eye makeup, and you don't have to commit to later fill-ins.

You can make an appointment for removal if you wish to have any remaining lashes removed after your special occasion is over. Buuuuutttt.... We are pretty sure you will love them, so we have also created an upgrade to continue with fill-ins if you decide to keep them after vacay is over! ;)

Event Lashes - Sets for One Day Events

Event Lashes are an exciting new addition to lash options at Emerald Studio, created just for clients who need a ONE DAY enhancement for a special event! They are great for clients who hate strip lashes, don't want to invest in lash extensions, but still want to feel beautiful with dramatic lashes. Event Lashes will create that dramatic lash extension look without the time, cost, or maintenance of a traditional extension service.


These are great for prom, homecoming, weddings, birthday parties, girls night out, corporate presentations, anniversary dinners, and so much more! You will look beautiful for your one-day event and then your lashes can be easily removed at home when the fun is over.

Your appointment will take less than 20 minutes! The Event Lashes are applied to your natural lashes using a temporary adhesive that can be easily removed with oil-based makeup remover. Water, steam, and moisture can potentially loosen the adhesive bond with the glue, so it is recommended to shower BEFORE your Event Lash appointment. You can apply makeup before or after the lashes, but make sure to keep them clean and dry after application until you are ready to remove them.

PRE-Care for Traditional and Vacay Lash Services

  • DO NOT wear contacts to your appointment.

  • DO NOT wear eye makeup to your appointment.

  • DO wash your eyes immediately before your appointment.

  • DO NOT schedule your lash extensions at the same time as eyeliner/lash liner permanent makeup. Wait until your eyeliner PMU appointments are finished.

AFTER-Care for Traditional and Vacay Lash Services

Always clean your hands with soap and water prior to touching your eyes/lashes to avoid transferring dirt and oil to the extensions.

  • Avoid moisture for the first 24 hours - showers, cooking steam, sweat, rain, etc. Allow the adhesive time to cure completely.

  • Wash lashes daily - keeping them free of dirt and oil will help retention!

  • Avoid waterproof/oil-based products around the lashes - mascara, makeup, moisturizers, etc. Oil causes the adhesive to breakdown.

  • Avoid pulling and rubbing the lashes. This can damage your natural lash as well as cause the extension to fall off.

  • Avoid extreme heat such as lighters, grills, open ovens, etc. - it can singe the extension or lose its curl.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face.

  • Avoid mechanical or heated eyelash curlers, lash tints and perms, and facial massages or chemical peels directly on the eye area.

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