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20% Off 1 Service OR B1G1 50% Off!
thru 3/31/2023

Facial PMU Services Include a Six Week Finishing Session. Save $50 on EACH PMU service when you book more than one!

$395 Eyebrows

$395 Lip Blush

$245 Upper Lid Lash Liner

$295 Upper Lid Thin Eyeliner

$245 Cheek Glow

ISR - Inkless Stretchmark/Scar Revision - First Session

$195 1 Area

$295 2 Areas

$395 3 Areas

$495 4 Areas

(See ISR Page for description of Treatment Areas.)

Repeat ISR Sessions (second and subsequent) are only $80 per area, per session.

Scar Camouflage - Package Pricing with Consultation

Emerald Everlasting Permanent Jewelry

$20 Ring

$40 Bracelet

$45 Anklet

$55 Short Necklace (12-16")

$65 Long Necklace (17-24")

$50 Hand Gear (Ring-bracelet combo)

$75 Belly Chain

$5-20/ea Charm/Connector

Create a stack - $10 off each additional item

Add a clasp for $5

Please read the Important Information page prior to booking eyebrows, lip blush, or lash liner. Call, text, or message PRIOR to booking if you have questions, need more scheduling options, or have previous permanent makeup.

859-462-7206 -

Your booking fee is non-refundable.

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