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Natural Beauty


$245 Upper Lid Lash Liner

$295 Upper Lid Thin Eyeliner or Winged Eyeliner

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Lash Line/Eyeliner Enhancement will intensify the beauty of your eyes!

Lash line enhancement is a treatment that applies micropigmentation directly along the base of your eyelashes. It is a subtle way to open, brighten, and intensify the eyes, creating a youthful appearance.  Lash line enhancement is not the same as thick  or classic eyeliner. It is more subtle and natural-looking and will create the appearance of thicker, darker, and denser lashes for that POP we all love! This creates an enhancement that is extremely natural looking.

For a slightly thicker enhancement, a Thin Eyeliner is also an option. This is sometimes called "classic eyeliner" in the PMU industry. It can include a small wing or flick at the outer corner for some candidates.

The difference between lash liner and thin eyeliner styles at Emerald Studio is that lash liner implants the pigment only along the lash line. Thin eyeliner does the same, but it also includes the area just above the lash line. It creates an enhancement that is slightly thicker and more noticeable, but still not a "thick" eyeliner. In both instances, the enhancement will give your eye a pop when you're wearing no makeup at all. When you apply makeup over the tattoo, it helps you get a more defined effect since there is already some color implanted in the skin of your lashes - which is usually the hardest area to fill in with traditional eyeliner pencil or liquid.

Clients are given an aftercare package to take home that includes instructions and supplies for proper aftercare, along with other goodies!

Note: You may not be a candidate if you have extremely vascular eyelids or thin skin. You MUST be off of lash growth treatments for 4-6 weeks prior to tattooing!

Eyeliner Healing Stages

Immediately after the procedure, your eyes may be red or swollen. You may wish to apply a cold compress at times during the first 24 hours if you experience swelling. Do so for brief periods of time with a wet wipe or other clean barrier between your skin and the ice, so as not to cause ice burn or introduce germs to the area.

You may wish to sleep with your head elevated the first night to reduce swelling in the morning. When you awaken the morning after, swelling generally dissipates within the first hour or two.

Lash Liner usually fades some when healed, compared to the deep color that is seen immediately after treatment. The thickness of the color may also shrink so it is not as wide or thick as immediately after. You may actually notice that the color or pigment density changes several times throughout the first month. Don't panic! This is normal!

The color will start out intense immediately after your appointment. It may then begin to lighten or start to peel after the first few days. After the skin peels or flakes, the color may appear very light. This is called "ghosting" and is a normal step in the permanent makeup process. Don't worry, the color will come back! Over the next few days or weeks, the color will continue to bloom to its final state. Your lash liner will be healed at about 4-6 weeks post treatment and at this time, you'll see the long term results. 

At 6 weeks, you will be ready for your free finishing session! The finishing session provides a check-in to observe pigment retention and perfect any areas that need a tweak. We can also darken or add additional color at this time if needed. Permanent makeup is a process and sometimes more than one session is necessary to achieve the desired results.


  • You must stop using Latisse and other hair growth serums at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.

  • Do NOT have Botox, fillers, or chemical peels for at least 4 weeks before or after the treatment.

  • Eyelash extensions and/or false eyelashes must be removed prior to treatment.

  • Come to the appointment with no eye makeup, false eyelashes, or contacts.

  • Wear your glasses, not contacts.

  • DO NOT take Advil, ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin, or any other NSAIDs for 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.

  • DO NOT drink alcohol the day before or day of your treatment.


Keep your hands away from your eyes as they heal, unless you are performing the aftercare steps. Always clean your hands with soap and water prior to beginning the aftercare steps.

  1. DO NOT wear eye makeup for the first 7-10 days! Keep the treatment area clean and dry.

  2. Wash the eyes gently in the morning and at night to keep them clean. Pat softly with a clean cloth to dry. Do not rub or pick at the healing skin. You may use the gentle soap provided in your aftercare package, or rinse with plain water. Do not scrub, use abrasive or harsh soaps, or use wash cloths. This is important for pigment retention.

  3. Allow any peeling or flaking to shed naturally. DO NOT pick at it, tweeze it, pull on it, or rub it off.

  4. Avoid sweating for the first 7-10 days.

  5. Contact your physician immediately if you experience any signs of infection.

Please read the Important Information Page prior to booking.

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